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Camelback has an extensive collection of antique and vintage collectibles. If you are an avid collector of anything from ceramics to porcelain, you will surely love to browse through our pictures to see our great items.

Collecting is a fun and rewarding hobby that has captivated people of all ages. This activity also has many benefits, as studies have shown that collecting is a good hobby and that children who start collecting at an early age become more intelligent and organized adults.


A figurine is a small and carved or molded figure that is a representation of a human, an animal, or a deity. The earliest figurines in history were made of stone or clay but the more modern versions are often made of wood, metal, ceramic, glass, porcelain, and plastic. The practice of making figurines out of porcelain and ceramics originated in China and the process was repeated in Europe.

Many collectors choose to focus on a specific type of figurine. Collectors enjoy adding new items to a themed collection because coming across the next figurine is similar to finding gold.

Old Coins

Coin collecting involves the collection or trade of coins and other forms of legal tender. Collectors are often after coins, which have been circulated for only a limited time, coins that are historically and aesthetically significant, and coins containing irregularities, such as minting errors.

Coin collecting is considered an excellent hobby for both young and old because it involves one’s intellect. It increases one’s knowledge of history, politics, and geography. It also strengthens one’s appreciation of art and organization skills.

Coin collectors benefit from having a strong sense of pride for what they own. They also experience a sense of personal achievement, especially after finding a coin that they desire. It is especially beneficial to seniors, as the activity provides them a way to socialize with other adults.


Collectors of plates base their collections on the following qualities: design, a particular plate series, manufacturing company, artist/designer, or color palette. Some collect any plate that catches their fancy and this results in a collection of plates that is eclectic and beautiful. Like antiques, most limited edition collectible plates appreciate over time.


Collecting dolls is regarded as one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Barbie dolls, vintage dolls, ethnic dolls, cloth dolls, artist dolls, and antique dolls are just some of the most popular examples of dolls collected by enthusiasts.

Deciding on what type of doll to collect depends on the collector’s preference. However, collectors generally find dolls of their childhood to be the most appealing.

Dolls are some of the most attractive antiques available to collectors. In fact, most antique collectors prefer dolls because they don’t take up a lot of space and are relatively inexpensive compared to other antique items, such as a furniture.

The design, structure, and composition of a collection usually depends on the type of collectible you are after. Our collectibles come from different parts of the world so you will have a wide variety of choices. Most of these items are inspired by early Roman, Asian, and Greek civilizations.

Are you thinking of starting a collection today? Let us help you get started.

Antiquities Art Deco Oriental Carpets Busts Ceramics Daniel Lotton
Asian Antiques Artwork Wool Rugs Statues Crosses Lalique
Ceramics By Erte Silk Carpets Sculptures Crystal Lundberg
Clocks Statues     Lladro Murano Glass
Decorative Items Pictures     Mark Roberts Fairies Sculptures
Folk Art Prints     Porcelain Vases
Furniture Scuptures        
Oriental Carpets & Rugs Original Paintings        


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Living Room Tables Dining Room Bedroom Chandeliers Estate Jewelry
Bookshelves End Tables  Bar Stools Armoires Lamps Tapestries
Chairs Entry Tables Nightstands Dressers Sconces Tuscan Style
Couches Coffee Tables  Dining Sets Headboards   Room dividers
China Cabinets Breakfronts Dining Tables     Handbags
Love Seats Estate Furniture Dining Chairs      
Entertainment Centers Occaisonal Tables Chaise Lounges